About Us

The Ecocentre exists to affect social change and transition towards a low carbon sustainable lifestyle inspired by Quaker faith in action. By inspiring and supporting communities and organisations to take positive action we will demonstrate that building low carbon communities brings benefits, opportunities and well-being to everyone, whilst protecting our environment.

It’s a journey we are all on so get involved, support us, follow us, take action and spread the word.

Created in 2009 and set in the urban heart of Northfield, the Ecocentre is our office base and houses our cycle hub. Our building is packed full of energy saving, environmentally friendly features (such as solar panels, a green roof and an air source heat pump). We offer practical and inspiring ideas and advice on how to green up your lifestyle, home or business, whatever the size and budget.

“What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans.” – Evo Morales


We are all about giving you the tools to take positive action and help others do the same. We look at sustainable living holistically and our core areas of work cover: Transport, Food, Education, Waste, Arts Engagement and Energy.  We contribute to debate and engage in projects that are relevant and tangible to the people who live in the city such as air pollution, plastic waste, food poverty and fuel poverty. 


We will do this through delivering grass roots activities, events and programmes that engage, educate and stimulate communities and volunteers; support, advise, challenge and train organisations and influence wider social change through dissemination, partnerships, research and internships.


Annual Reports

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Wherever possible we work with other organisations to make sure we have a bigger impact protecting our environment. Partnerships can be strategic, financial or based on donating support in kind and volunteering. Some of our partnerships include:




Move More Eat Well

Over 2017-19 we will be part of a consortium delivering health focused services to residents, schools and businesses in the wards of Longbridge, Cofton, Northfield and Rubery. Move More Eat Well partners include Health for Education Service, Sustrans, Garden Organic and Sport Birmingham. Sign up to the newsletter to find out more and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


Climate Action Networks

We are part of the Climate Coalition and Climate Action Network West Midlands. Climate Coalition is the largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change and limiting its impact on the environment and the world’s poorest communities. Climate Action Network West Midlands is working to help all of us take action to protect our climate and show that every action counts.


Northfield Community Partnership & Stakeholders Group

We work closely with the partnership to build strong sustainable communities across the area and are a founding member of the Northfield Stakeholder group . Find out about the work here: www.visitnorthfield.co.uk



We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of the people and organisations that help us deliver all of our activities and make a change to the world.

Some of regular and recent funders include:

Central England Quakers Area Meeting

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

The Wesleyan Foundation

Heart of England Community Foundation

The Harry Payne Trust

Transport for West Midlands

Birmingham City Council

Children in Need

Comic Relief


The Eveson Trust

The George Fentham Trust